People always ask me why I am a nail artist. It is a question I never get bored with, to be quite frank. I would like to give you the answer.

I fell into this industry by happenstance. I was employed in the medical field as a primary care practice manager and every day was a struggle to go to work. One day, I had reached my limit and gave my notice with no plan in place. I went home, defeated, to speak with my husband, Allen about my next step.We spoke a great length, with no solution to my problem when I looked at my stash of nail polish(over 100 bottles at that time) and found my answer.

I enrolled into Shear Pleasures Manicuring Academy the following week. The first day, I was a nervous wreck. I had not been in a classroom setting in over 5 years, not to mention, I had ZERO idea what I was getting into. I took to the curriculum like a duck to water. I found out so much about myself in such a short period of time. I was gifted in nail art, never having the desire to paint or draw before. I flew through paint and polish as I perfected my art skills. I practiced day in and day out, doing enhancements and art I needed to do to become a nail artist.

I have had highs and lows in this industry in the 10 years since I graduated, which everyone knows happens. It has never discouraged me from doing what I truly love. I still yearn for education and new products. I love educating clients on how to care for their nails. I love everything about my crazy, long nights, weekends are not optional career…..because who gets comes home covered in glitter and it is perfectly acceptable.