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“Do You Do SNS Nails?”

“No, I am sorry…… Let me explain why I have something comparable.”   The newest craze in the nail world right now is SNS nails. The company that makes this product claims that it much healthier for your nails than… Continue Reading →

“Gel Polish Ruins My Nails…..”

  “Would you like to try this color in gel polish?” “No, thank you. The last time I recieved gel polish, it ruined my nails.”   Did you know gel polish was designed never to ruin your nails? 99% of… Continue Reading →

Why am I a Nail Artist?

  People always ask me why I am a nail artist. It is a question I never get bored with, to be quite frank. I would like to give you the answer. I fell into this industry by happenstance. I… Continue Reading →


Welcome to Posh Tips and Toes. As we continue to work on the site and add pictures feel free to send me a message by way of the contact page. I am happy to give tips or advice to anyone… Continue Reading →

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