Manicure ($25) – The classic manicure with detailed cuticle work, relaxing hand and arm massage with Bella Luccé body lotion with your choice of traditional OPI polish.

Gel Polish Manicure by OPI ($35)– This is the manicure for exceptional polish wear! Combined with the traditional manicure, the OPI Gelcolor is dry before you walk out the door. The best part… No damage to the natural nails and can last up to 14 days! 

IBX Initial Treatment ($35 w/manicure, $45 w/gel polish manicure)– This penetrative toughening system works INSIDE the nail instead of sitting on top like traditional nail services. IBX toughens the upper layers of the nail plate allowing nail growth. It is used to repair severe nail damage from acrylic/gel enhancements. It can even be used under gel polish for extra protection to the natural nail. This service includes a fully detailed manicure, along with application of either traditional OPI polish or OPI gel color.

IBX Follow-up Treatment ($30 w/manicure, $40 w/gel polish manicure)-This service is for clients who have received the initial IBX treatment. It includes a fully detailed manicure, follow-up application of IBX, and your choice of traditional OPI polish or OPI gelcolor.

Rock Star Manicure ($50)-Live out your wildest dreams with this manicure! Pure glitter pigment is embedded into OPI Gelcolor polish for an over the top look. Cuticle care and massage makes sure that your hands are ready to party all night and sleep all day.



Pedicure ($45)– Using all-natural, vegan friendly, PETA certified Bella Luccé products and sanitary single use pedicure liner from Belava, we make your feet feel like new! This pedicure includes detailed cuticle care/clean-up, safe and sanitary callus work, salt scrub and hydrating mask. A heavenly and completely thorough massage complete this pedicure. You can choose either OPI traditional polish or natural nail buff to a high shine for your tootsies as the finishing touch.

Smooth as a Ducks Butt Pedicure ($55)- Have calluses that you want gone? This pedicure will fit the “bill”! A gentle acid is applied to problem areas along with the warm milk soak, detailed cuticle and footwork we all desire. An intense moisture mask, massage and OPI polish will make your feet sandal worthy. This pedicure was featured in NAILS Magazine May 2014.

Gel Polish Pedicure ($55)– The same classic pedicure but with a twist, gel polish! All the things you love with a pedicure with the application of gel polish for an instantly dry pedicure. Great for cold weather!

Rock Star Pedicure ($60)– That’s right! Match your mani to your pedi! Pure glitter pigment is embedded into OPI Gelcolor polish for an over the top look. Cuticle care, foot smoothing and massage makes sure that your toes are ready for those sky high heels.

Enhancements and Nail Art

Nail Art ($5 and up)– Nail art is truly an art. Nail art is based on design, quantity and time. Art is offered in the mediums of stamping, free hand or combination, including stones(including Swarovski crystals), embellishments, and glitter. Contact Paula for estimate on detailed/intricate nail art.  

Gel Nails Full Set ($50) Fill ($30)– Often referred to as “Gel Nails”, these enhancements are odor-free, crystal clear, light weight feeling and slightly flexible. Gel is honey-like substance that is applied to the nail and hardened with a UV light. Gel Nails can be sculpted with a form or used with an extension tip. Paula proudly uses Young Nails and Light Elegance gel products. I, also DO NOT use electric nail files(drills) on the natural nail.

BackScratchers Extreme Full Set ($45) Fill ($25)– Extreme is a patented system that combines the best of resin technology with the best of acrylic dipping powder to give a thin, strong, and natural-looking set of nails. It can be used with tips or on natural nails. Best paired with traditional nail polish.

Silk Nails Full Set ($45) Fill ($25)– Silk wrap nails are a synthetic nail reinforcement that is made from pieces of silk material. Small piece of silk or fiberglass is cut to the size and shape of the fingernail and applied using a resin. Clients can choose to finish their silk nails with their choice of traditional OPI polish or Gelcolor.