“Would you like to try this color in gel polish?” “No, thank you. The last time I recieved gel polish, it ruined my nails.”


Did you know gel polish was designed never to ruin your nails? 99% of nail damage is caused by improper removal techniques from nail technicians or from the client peeling off the gel nail polish.

Gel polish was created to give clients the color they wanted, without chipping/cracking and being dry instantly. Before gel polish, the only way you could wear traditional nail polish without chipping was to have a full set nail enhancements.

There are several brands of professional gel polish on the market, I prefer Gelcolor by OPI. Every line is different and to make sure you are receiving the correct service, ask for a GEL POLISH MANICURE. If you use terms, such as “Shellac”, which is a specific brand trademarked and created by CND or “gel nails”, an nail enchancement service, which is similiar to acrylic, you may not recieve the service you want.

The removal of gel polish can vary from nail technician to nail technician, which is where the nail damage comes in. Most manufacturers of gel nail polish (OPI, CND Shellac, Gelish, etc…) recommend soaking the gel polish in acetone. Some nail technicians will file off the gel polish, which is NOT recommended. It is very difficult to not to file the nail plate with this technique, which leads to the nail plate being made thin and weak.

Peeling off the gel polish is a HUGE NO NO!!! Let me explain why…… When the gel polish is cured to the natural nail, it essentially becomes part of the nail through chemical bonds. When you get peel happy (I know you have done it, so don’t deny it  *wink*) you ARE taking off the top layers of nail that the gel polish has bonded with. You have just created thinner and weaker nails, that may hurt or unable to hold gel polish for the next future gel manicure service.

How do I remove gel polish? I soak off the gel polish with acetone, with other various steps to insure proper removal AND to keep your natural nail healthy. Acetone is drying but no damage is ever done by the acetone. That is why I use high quality nail oils and lotions to combat the dryness.

If you are still unsure about gel polish being right for you, please send me any questions you may have. I may have an answer or can get the answer for you.