“No, I am sorry…… Let me explain why I have something comparable.”


The newest craze in the nail world right now is SNS nails. The company that makes this product claims that it much healthier for your nails than traditional acrylic/gel products. They state that their products have vitamins and minerals that helps “strengthen” your nails. Unfortunately, the claims they make, are false.

SNS consists of removing the shine from the nail with a file (all artifical enchancements require it, EXCEPT for gel polish), brushing glue on to the nail plate, dipping the nail into a colored acrylic powder before the glue dries, and then brushing on another type of glue to create shine.

In researching products, before I use them on my clients, SNS took me by surprise with the ingredient list, the claim of vitamins and minerals within the product and the lack of ingredients it claims to have.

Did you know that the nail plate (the actual nail) cannot absorb vitamins and minerals through it? I promise, it can’t. The nail plate can absorb water and/or cuticle oils (made from jojoba or almond is preferred, Dad’i Oil by Famous Names is my favorite!). The vitamins and minerals MUST come from the blood stream, by ingesting vitamins/suplements and diet. The MSDS sheet(the information sheet required for ALL chemicals by law) shows the ingredients of the base and top coat. Hello, glue! More than 98% glue! See the sheet here

I am all for new products, but don’t lie to the client about what it is. That is where the trouble begins, along with possible nail damage and allergic reaction issues it could cause because of the untruths that are tied to it. Never, ever hesitate to ask the nail technician performing the service questions. If you feel that they cannot answer your questions, you have every right to get up and walk away. Do not settle and make excuses for it being ok.

Is there an alternative to this product? There is! It is called Stayz Put and you can use your favorite gel polish with it. It has ZERO filing on the natural nail, gives you a lightweight enhancement and soaks off completely! I was recently introduced to this product and I am having a lot of sucess with it.

As always, I am here to answer any of your questions you may have. I want you to be an informed client, not misled one.