A question I hear with almost every pedicure…………


Did you know there is a reason why you have calluses? Our bodies are not perfectly symmetrical, a leg can be longer than the other, a foot wider than the other, etc. Calluses are the cushion that makes up the microscopic differences and balances them out.

Have you ever received a pedicure and your feet were tender for a few days following it? Too much callus was removed (more than likely by taking a razor and cutting off the callus, ILLEGAL in North Carolina, for the record.) and your skin is in “shock” persay. The harder skin of the callus was completely removed and your baby soft skin was exposed, causing the pain. Your skin is now in protective mode, trying to heal itself, which is going to make that removed callus thicker and harder when the healing process is finished.

Any type of “shaving” of a callous is a dangerous practice, wether it is a razor or a micro blade (cheese grater type foot file). Imagine a block of cheese and and grating it, it has an uneven texture after your finished. That is what your skin looks like under a microscope. That will increases the risk of the callus becoming worse, doing irreparable damage to your feet and worse of all, infection if they cut you and the tool isn’t properly disinfected. If you see a nail technician wanting to use one of these type tools on you, ask them not to. If they refuse to stop, you ALWAYS have the right to get up and walk away.

You also have to be mindful of products that promises you ‘baby soft’ feet. They contain HIGHLY corrosive ingredients, that when not used by a professional, can be just as dangerous as shaving a callus. The corrosive ingredients CANNOT tell a difference in what is callus and what is not, which can lead to tender feet, as well. Diabetics and people with limited sensation in the feet should NEVER, EVER, EVER use those products.

How do I help you with calluses? I examine your feet, see what are the best options for you and your lifestyle, and customize my pedicure to fit you. If you are active, you just want your calluses to look “pretty’, so you can keep on being active. You may need a callus reduction, which is a NOT a one time session. It will take a few pedicures to reduce the callus safely, without causing you pain and harm. I want your feet to look their very best and that can take time. Clients with diabetes and limited sensation, get very little to no callus work, it is just safer for you and reduces any issues.

As always, I strive to make you happy, but I keep your safety in mind. If you should have any questions, never hesitate to contact me.